The Benefits of Using Artificial Grass in Your Landscape Design

For many people in SA, taking care of the environment is vital, and water conservation is a critical aspect of their backyard landscaping plans. However, maintaining a lush, green lawn while conserving water is a challenge in our arid climate and poor soil conditions. As the health of our natural turf decreases, the weeds and insects thrive, which then attack our trees and shrubs affecting their health, and in some situations killing them. We can remove our lawns and replace them with mulch, rock or concrete. However, if we desire to have usable green space while remaining sustainable, the high-quality synthetic grass is the answer.

An artificial lawn is environmentally friendly. It will be lush and green without the use of fertilisers, pesticides or water. Be at peace knowing that your family will never have contact with the poisons that are necessary to maintain a regular grass lawn. Air, earth and noise-polluting lawn mowers are eliminated forever. Your trees and shrubs will thrive as they will no longer be competing with grass for water and minerals. Artificial lawns don’t harbour insects, so your trees and shrubs will not be attacked, as they presently are from the bugs in the natural grass. The use of artificial turf ensures safety to all who enjoy it while providing beautiful, weed-free landscaping. Aside from the incredible benefits mentioned above, all of the materials used are 100% recyclable.

People spend a lot of money on chemicals and labour to ensure that their natural backyard landscaping stays looking beautiful. With artificial lawns, this is unnecessary. The maintenance required for artificial grass is minimal. Preventing leaves from composting on top of it is most important. Depending on the area, the natural rainfall is usually sufficient to keep it clean. A system for pets is available that will keep artificial turf clean and smelling fresh no matter how many pets you have. Artificial turf is protected by a UV coating that limits fading to three or four percent over a ten year period. This way, you can enjoy more time appreciating your lawn than labouring on it.

Synthetic grass is now available in a variety of colours and lengths. Children love the softness of artificial grass and parents no longer have to deal with grass stains on clothing. Underlay is available for synthetic lawns that can either give a slightly softer feel to an entire area or provide a soft cushion for underneath play structures. No messy pea gravel, mulch or mud in the place where your kids play the most. Pea gravel and mulch also tend to get displaced leaving no protection for your children in the most crucial areas. Whatever the weather, temperature, or climate, your synthetic grass will always maintain a gorgeous colour and be ready for use.

The high quality synthetic grass ensures SA homeowners will have a mud-free spring and fall. Most importantly, you will have more time to enjoy your outdoor surroundings. No more time wasted working on weed control or maintaining and mowing your lawn. SA homeowners can spend their time enjoying the beauty of their new backyard landscaping and artificial lawn.